Toastmaster at your Ladies Festival/Banquet

Whether it be an evening event or a weekend festival, a Round Table, Rotary, or Masonic function, David has the experience and flexibility to ensure that the function goes precisely as you would wish. You can be confident that with his practiced attention to detail he will perform his duties in line with the prescribed tradition, etiquette and protocol of your particular event, to ensure that the occasion runs as smoothly and timely as you had planned.

No matter if it’s a small informal party for 30 guests or a large formal Banquet of 500 guests, David will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy a memorable event.

As a Professional Toastmaster David, dressed in his red tail coat, white marcella shirt, waistcoat and tie will stand out from the crowd, thus adding to the pomp and splendour of the occasion. Discreetly going about his duties providing confidence and a calming influence for the hosts and guests.

Furthermore with David in attendance you can rest assured that any guests who have roles to fulfil during the function will do so in the right order and without embarrassment.